dilshad 3 What If There Were No Calendars?

Did you guys ever think about making a list down,” the must haves’” in your everyday life other than food, shelter, clothes and transport?  Well, correct me if I am wrong, a toothbrush, electricity, cosmetics, pen and a calendar. Indeed we miss out and never notice its necessity until it is not there at all. Really it sounds and seems hard to step out of your home without each ones little help from this list.

Okay, accepted that calendar is not something all of us do use every day, but yes we can’t totally make it without it. A calendar definitely sticks as a must have to our home’s most accessible wall or perhaps by the bed side table. At least we need to have a look on them every four to five days.

Just imagine a pattern of life without any calendars at all. My gosh, definitely it will all go completely hay wire. No planning, no reminders, nothing organized and nothing calculated. We wouldn’t have known our own birthday next time. Perhaps we can but, don’t you think it will be a too much of stress to have a calendar chip inside our brain along with the other zillion things overloaded on it!

Just think about the companies, who have been gifting you with those promotional calendars by every yearend, would perhaps fail to gift you something next time at the right time. A promotional calendar has been one of the most successful marketing tools till date since 1850’s when it was first started by a printing company in Pennsylvania. It just stays there in your wall hugging the wall, but eventually proves out to be a very important key in your day to day life. Who tells you anyway otherwise that its weekend, or the first of the new month, or someone’s birthday or even Christmas.  Although these days we get to buy calendars too, and nonetheless can get one custom made too, all with their own pricings and status, while the promo calendars are for free, they all serve a very key role in our lives. It does seem funny but I have not ever thought that a simple calendar actually is so important.