The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products Ever That Worked The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products That Worked, (And Some That Didnt)Promotional products serve a noble, albeit often underappreciated purpose in the commercial world. A pen, mug or keychain serves as a constant reminder to consumers of a company’s service and products. The variable lies in exactly what sort of reminder the promotional product triggers. Most company’s stick with safe neutral things like the aforementioned pens and mugs, but on occasion someone thinks way outside the box, often with mixed results. Below is a collection of the top five strangest and sometimes successful ideas for promotional products.

1. A Texas meat company distributes plush cows that are dissectible.

This idea can be filed under good initiative, bad judgment. The pint size plush cows we made of several “cuts”, that when assembled with Velcro formed a cuddly cow. The cuts were even labeled for quick handy reference. While it certainly did promote brand awareness, parents and children both were less than thrilled.

2. A New York courier service hands out flipbooks in the street.

This was an odd concept for promotional advertising that yielded an amazing response. One of the companies employees hand drew small flipbook depicting a courier navigating the busy streets of New York to deliver a package in time. The overhead in printing booklets was extremely low, allowing the company to hand out thousands to passersby.

3. A Sponge Bob Square Pants musical thermometer.

This has garnered a lot of attention, but deserves further mention just because it’s so bizarre. Mind you this thermometer is designed to be used elsewhere than under the tongue. The whole while it’s reading the users temperature it plays the theme song to Sponge Bob Square Pants. This one of those situations that begs the question of how exactly this was supposed to be positive brand association.

4. A pharmaceutical company has its reps give out rubber bugs.

This was another one of those odd ideas that had amazing results. Rather than give out the usual note pads and pens, the sales reps handed out rubber bugs with the company’s’ name printed on them. While bugs have absolutely nothing to do with pharmaceutical sales, everyone kept them on their desks and had a constant reminder of the sales rep.

5. A lawn service company in Colorado hands out bacon on the street.

Not surprisingly this promotion was massive success. Four local college students had formed their own company needed to garner attention; so what better way than to fry bacon on a portable griddle on the sidewalk to hand out. Pedestrians were treated to a few strips of fresh cooked bacon and flyer. Quite possibly the most innovate and delicious promotion ever conceived.

A promotional product is a fantastic and inexpensive way to promote a company. It can solidify brand integrity, promote awareness and provide social marketing. Uniqueness usually helps distinguish a brand from the competition, but in the realm of promotional products that uniqueness can bring the wrong type of recognition.