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Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision to take, but nevertheless sometimes it is unavoidable. If you have huge burden of debts that you are unable to repay instead of stressing out thinking about what to do, it is better to file for bankruptcy at once. The laws of bankruptcy keep updating and hence it would be better if you consult a good bankruptcy attorney Virginia to help you file for bankruptcy. But when looking for an attorney to fight your case of bankruptcy, you must consider certain factors. If you just follow the steps as mentioned below, you would not only be able to find a good attorney to take up your bankruptcy case but can get it done without much hassle too:


  • The very first step you have to do is make a list of all bankruptcy attorneys’ in your locality. You would possibly find numerous such attorneys on the Internet and through the recommendation of your acquaintances or friends or family. But you would have to make the list short by considering certain factors. The very first factor is that the attorneys you keep on the list should be licensed by government approved body. The second factor is that the attorneys should be specialized in bankruptcy cases only. You can make the list shorter and suitable for your need by considering these above two factors.
  • The second step is to talk to the attorneys individually. Usually attorneys do not charge any fees for the first consultation. If an attorney on your list asks for fee for the very first consultation you can either move on to the next attorney on the list or if this particular bankruptcy attorney is a really reputed one, you can pay the amount and have a meeting. During the consultation you can find out how knowledgeable the attorney is about bankruptcy laws and how interested the attorney is in your particular case. This first consultation can help you shorten the list even more by choosing the attorneys who are the best in the business.
  • The third step is to ask for the charges of the individual attorneys for the whole procedure of filing for bankruptcy and fighting the case for you. Usually the charges depend on the amount of debt you have as well as the kind of bankruptcy you are filing for, personal, commercial or business. But do not take your decision based only on the fees of an attorney since it might cost you dearly later on. This is just another step in choosing the best bankruptcy attorney, not the only step.
  • The fourth as well as the last step are to find out the ratings of the attorney through testimonials of clients who have already used the services of the particular attorney. If the rating is good and the success rate of the attorney is high, you can opt for the attorney without hesitation but only after going through all the above mentioned steps as well.