The website design company in UK markets has a lot to think about. The devices we use to connect with the net have started to reshape the whole way we thinkabout and utilise the medium. But our UK connection speeds are not as fast as the UK sites may require. Hence, they might need the different design cues to those built in Europe.

The devices we use to surf the web are increasingly portable. Smart phones fit in a pocket. Tablets are kept in shoulder bags. Wherever we go, we have a connection to use and an expectation for what we are going to do when we do use it.

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Screen size plays an important part in the overall design of a website. A small screen, such as the screen on a touch screen phone, can’t hold as many links or as much information as a 15 inch laptop screen can. So, the website design company in the United Kingdom markets must think about the pagesit builds for clients whose customers may be using a two and half inch screen as well as a fifteen inch one.

There are two ways to develop home pages and sites for multiple screens – one is to develop different versions of the same site; and the other is to make the large screen version of the site extremely simple, so it can be translated directly onto the smaller. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

To make two different versions of the same site might be confusing to the end user; particularly where the site is one with which they are already intensely familiar with. When you look at a site you have used a lot on a new and much smaller screen, you still expect to find everything in the same place with the same functionality. A dramatic change of site layout and function can actually drive a site user away.

However, interminable loading times and ineffective small screen layout can also drive a site user away. Hence, the website design company in UK markets must make a choice over whether to revamp and re-launch the large screen site in order to match the new small screen functionality; or whether to hope that the target audience recognises the applicability of having different page styles for different screens.

The touch screen revolution has far reaching potential implications for the website design company in UK markets as well. To put it more simply, with huge numbers of web users now using touch screen devices to surf, the expectations we have for the site’s functionality are changing. We are beginning to expect that the layout and physical interactivity of the site will respond to the commonly used touch screen controls – dab, hold, pinch and swipe. This means actively repositioning bits of a page or thinking up new ways to get menus and scrolling to work.

Connection speeds are still a huge issue in the UK with the national average being way lower than 5mbps. Increasing technological demands require meatier connection speeds. UK web designers might find their habits changing again when the UK gets faster connections.



The website design company in UK markets is redeveloping its products as people’s devices and expectations change.