Having fruit in your workplace as part of an office wellness programme can have fantastic results when it comes to boosting productivity and employee engagement.

Employees are at their best when they feel appreciated and valued, and by putting their health first, you prove to your team that you care about their wellbeing and about their health as well as their professionalism.

Fresh fruit is an easy way to engage in an employee wellness programme that has an immediate visual impact. It’s a thoughtful gesture that puts your business at the forefront of employee health, while reaping the rewards.

Simple to achieve

During Fruitful Office’s “Great Fruit Experiment”, their study found that fruit in the workplace led to an amazing 11% increase in the number of staff who agreed that their company “enabled them to work more productively.” This immediately ties together the benefits of fruit with increased employee engagement.

This simple approach is an easy way to help employees feel more appreciated, as they know that their employers take their health seriously. The numbers prove is, with 79% of staff saying that the fruit made them feel more valued as an employee.

As well as this, if your company proves that staff wellness is a priority, you are much more likely to see a decrease in staff turnover, with 87% of staff claiming that they would much prefer to be part of a business that supports their wellbeing.

With over 80% of Fruitful Office clients stating that fruit improved the quality of life in their offices, the benefits are clear to see.

Making staff wellness a priority

As one of the easiest methods of proving you care about staff wellness, a fresh fruit basket is easily seen by all and serves as a visible reminder that your company cares.

It acts as a point of conversation and improves the image of your company, while improving your reputation and standing with your employees. Many employees eat at their desk or on the run, and by providing them with a delicious and healthy alternative to vending machine snacks and fast food, you can give them the healthy energy boost they need.

This benefits your workplace too, resulting in better immune systems and fewer sick days for staff. Due to the placement of fresh fruit in offices, Fruitful Office found that 45% of staff were eating fewer unhealthy snacks, and, better yet, 70% of staff started eating more fruit!

It’s easy to get fresh fruit delivered straight to your office door with Fruitful Office – delivering delicious seasonal fruit varieties to brighten up the mood in your office.