As anyone who is in charge of a start-up will tell you, life certainly isn’t easy. Gathering the finance to get things off the ground is one thing, but actually making this money go the required distance is something else in its entirely.

Unfortunately, some businesses require slightly more care in this regard than others. While some might be able to opt for a budget approach in relation to certain items, those businesses that are client-facing have to take a bit more care. Every item matters and this means that you have to dedicate a significant portion of your budget to style.

When it comes to windows, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that most start-ups put these right at the bottom of the priorities list. There are far more important issues to fund and in short, what difference are window dressings going to have?

We don’t have any studies that are going to form an answer to the above question, but what we will say is that a window that is covered appropriately will give a much better impression to one that is bare.

Once upon a time premium would have had to arrive at an almightily high cost. The only real premium option came in the form of wooden blinds and as anyone who has researched this material will vouch for, it’s hardly inexpensive.

Unfortunately, time hasn’t changed this and it’s still a pricy material. This is where modern-day techniques have entered the picture and made the blinds industry something of a forward-thinking one. Faux wooden blinds might not strictly be the “real” thing, but they give off a very similar impression and this is all the typical start-up really needs. While some clients might inspect every wooden slat to assess your business, the vast majority will believe that you do have the resources to fund an extravagant office and this could be the decisive factor when it comes to make-or-break deal-time.

From a productivity perspective, premium can also be achieved. You might not need to impress clients, but just provide an environment where your employees can work much more easily.

Developments in the window dressings industry mean that this can be accomplished much more easily. For example, screen glare is something that can affect absolutely any business out there and while some of the bigger establishments might turn to a more modern product such as a solar shade, this is naturally not available to smaller firms on a budget. Instead, something like a Venetian blind should be considered – something that can still filter light but happens to come at a fraction of the cost.

As you can see, the types of blinds we have honed in on certainly aren’t hugely expensive. Both are affordable to most start-ups and if you are looking to make an impression to clients, or just create an impressive office space that makes work much easier for your employees, you don’t need to spend half of your funding to achieve this anymore.