If you’re the owner of a company which depends entirely on local customers, then local SEO is a crucial part of your business. Local SEO is a part of search engine optimization which helps the people in your locality to locate you on the search engines. When we say “search engines”, we actually mean Google. Both B2B and B2C customers depend entire on the internet to seek information and hence getting your local SEO plan right are very important. Google isn’t a tech giant but rather it is a fundamental part of the entire digital economy. Without Googling, there are very few search decisions which can be made. Hence, for 2016, gear up your optimization efforts with respect to local SEO. Check out some tips.

  1. Mobile optimization is the trend: Mobile-friendly web design is not optional anymore, it is necessary. Reports reveal that mobile device searches have exceeded desktop searches throughout the world. Mobile friendliness of websites is in fact an important factor for Google ranking. Giving people an awesome mobile experience on your site will directly lead to more conversions and more revenue. There are great opportunities to make shopping on the mobile websites a special experience. Hence, your first move in 2016 should be to create the best mobile experience for your potential customers.
  2. Voice search will gain momentum: Along with the growth of mobile search comes an even greater demand for voice search too. More and more people are using this kind of feature on the smartphones to locate products, businesses and different other services which they need. While some people use voice search during multi-tasking, some others prefer speaking over their phones than typing the query. This is why you should definitely include voice search in 2016.
  3. Direct data is important for local SEO: What do you mean by the rise of direct data in SERPs? Well, it means companies will now need to offer more detailed information about their company in order to get a higher rank in search engines. Direct data is the pieces of information which appear with business listings in the data offered by search engines. If you search for the restaurants near you, the results will offer you with every little information like phone number, location, pricing and even whether or not home delivery is possible. All this is direct data.
  4. Customers should get 100% satisfaction: At the end of the day, the decision of the customers as to whether they would want to buy your product or service depends on the customer experience. You can have total control over the customer experience which you provide and hence you need to pay close attention to that. Make sure your online marketing presence is consistent, concise and definitely better than your competitors.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about creating the best local SEO presence, you can consider the points mentioned above. If required seek help of a professional company.