interior 300x225 How To Start Your Own Interior Design Business

Possessing a flair and a passion for interior decoration is not always enough to get your own interior design business off the ground. As this article finds out, dedication and an iron will to succeed are also prerequisites to running a successful business.

It is difficult to determine the overall impact that the last few years of economic uncertainty have had on the business world. Whilst some sectors have been heavily affected by the financial downturn, others have remained steady and even flourished. Many businesses have ceased to exist due to poor trading conditions, although at the same time, rising unemployment and the difficulty in finding new jobs has led to a number of people taking the plunge and starting a business from scratch.

Business Plan
The housing market, as is often the case during a recession, has suffered a downturn in fortunes. This has led to an increase in homeowners making more of the properties they currently have, rather than looking to move elsewhere. This situation is a great opportunity for any would-be interior designers looking to make a living from their skills. As with every business, thorough planning is essential before taking the plunge and diving headfirst into a new business venture. You will need to draw up a business plan, taking into consideration such variables as initial outlay, running costs, profit forecasts and other costs such as insurance and taxes. Where you will run your business from is also an important thing to consider as, depending on the type of business, you may need to inform the local council of your intentions too if looking to base your business at home. If you are still in employment, then it is highly advisable to stay in your current job whilst trying to get your business off the ground. This may mean long hours but remaining in employment is a safeguard in case things do not progress as you wish them to.

Design Portfolio
Although you may be confident in your own abilities as an interior designer, this does not mean that potential customers will have that same confidence. Building up a portfolio of work you have done, with images of the finished product, is a must. Initially, this means any design work you have completed in your own home or for family and friends. If you are then lucky enough to start getting commissions on the back of this, then word of mouth will soon spread of your skills and ability. If work is brisk, you may then even consider branching out into exterior design as well. Homeowners are often looking to add to the value of their properties by improving the outside of their home by making additions such as veranda conservatories or gazebos.

Interior design can be a highly lucrative business to get involved in. If you have the patience, stamina and sheer iron-will to succeed, then you could find your passion for decoration and knack for knowing just how to improve the look of a room, will pay big dividends.

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