So, you have finally made the leap and invested in your dream work truck. This is much more than just a truck, it’s your mobile office, your service vehicle, and serves as your day-to-day workhorse, taking you to meetings with potential new clients and to jobs where it might be seen by other prospective clients and customers. Keeping your work truck in pristine condition is vital as it’s a reflection of you and your company and first impressions are crucial. Taking care of your work truck for the long run is important, and good care and proper maintenance will also help to retain its value should you ever wish to sell or upgrade. We’ve put together a list of great tips that will help you keep your work truck in the best condition possible.

truckkk 300x224 How to Protect Your Work Truck and Retain Its Value

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Regular Upkeep

Regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance such as all-over inspections and oil changes should take priority when looking after your work truck and are essential to maintaining its good condition. However, regular maintenance of a work truck can often become overlooked, especially if business schedules, payrolls, meetings and other work obligations get in the way. Set aside a regular time to carry out a full check of your work truck, whether you take it to a trusted repair shop, ask a mechanic, or do it yourself. Oil changes should always be at the top of your to-do list.

Drive Smart

Driving considerately and smartly can have a great effect on the condition of your work truck, whilst poor driving habits can quickly take their toll. Quick take-offs and abrupt stops can be detrimental to engine quality, and aggressive driving such as tailgating won’t help either you or your truck to keep its cool. If you have a long truck bed such as those from autobodynow.com, you might find that driving in traffic can be a bit of a challenge – so stay slow and steady and try to keep up with the general flow.

Keep it Clean

The changing weather can have a number of detrimental effects on vehicles and your work truck is certainly not exempt. Cold weather can cause cracks that form once salt, grit and sand from the road gets onto the bodywork of the truck, whilst rainwater is slightly acidic and can also have a detrimental effect on the body and paintwork of your truck. Extreme heat can also cause the paintwork to fade and crack, all factors which can lead to further problems such as rust formation. In order to keep your truck in pristine condition, it’s important to clean it regularly, and it’s also a good idea to regularly apply a wax.

How do you maintain and take care of your work truck? How long have you had your truck, and what steps do you take to ensure it retains as much value as possible? Whether you’ve just bought your first work truck or you’ve been through a few different ones, we’d love to hear any advice or tips that you’d like to add to this list.