The selection of colors isn’t just connected to the look and feel of your packaging cartons, but also plays a crucial role in product sales.

Will Any Color Do?

Thinking of what color will best suit your product packaging? Give a great deal of attention to and focus your efforts on determining the right color. It could be one of the most important decisions about your product packaging – one that can have a huge impact on your brand image and product line sales.

Deciding packaging colors is not about putting your favorites or random choices into practice. Rather, you need to perform a detail research about the psychology, nature and anticipations of your targeted audience. You may also see what your competitors are doing as far as product packaging goes.

What Are The Market Trends?

Today, most of the product owners hire professional marketing and graphics design specialists to promote as well as market their brand, or product line. Most of the time, the client, like you, approaches the packaging designer with a list of their personal or recommended colors. This is indeed a great help for the designers.

However, you must not overlook the fact that the colors have potential to affect the behavior and narrate a powerful statement about the owner. So, if your designer gives you some better or more meaningful color choices, it is worth considering them.

Colors can make your packaging win or lose when displayed on shelves. A right choice can effectively help the packaging containers to attract the consumers and turn them into potential customers.

Uniqueness is quite easy to achieve by plying with colors. Study market and learn what your competitors and neighbors are using for their product packaging. This approach will help you find a color palette that will make your packaging stand out on the shelf. Remember, you need not to be flashy all the time. There are tons of examples, where the brands have achieved uniqueness with using different hues of White.

Secondly, wonder what a specific color speaks for your company and the consumers who buy your products. A few years ago, a hot pink color of a mobile device turns out to be pioneering in era when most of the mobile phones were available in the technical color palettes of black, red and blue. Prove your consumers you’re different, revolutionary. Many studies show that even consumers love when they get something different, something more personalized.

Your packaging should be capable of expressing how you want your targeted audience to feel of themselves and their choices – packaging is for the people who use them, not for the ones who create them.

Visit the nearby stores and see what attracts you more. Learn why cardboard displays catch your eye easily. Many e-commerce businesses have already started reaping the benefits of effective color packaging via their small boxes for shipping.

Don’t dismiss the power of color in packaging; it is a great weapon in most of the expert marketers’ armory today.

Author Bio: Simon Hopes is a strategy planner and consultant in a leading packaging designing firm. The manufacturer of cardboard displays leverage the power of color palette to pop up the products on its shelves.