Having a new business is quite the undertaking and is often times viewed as a big adventure with lots of ups and downs as well as a few twists and turns. To make it even more adventurous, most business will have to complete some sort of marketing, whether it be a big campaign or a small sale. Because marketing is a separate field in itself with many marketers having an extensive background and education in the field, most business owners find marketing to be a huge mystery, one that’s both scary and thrilling at the same time. If you’re looking to start a marketing campaign and a marketing partnership, you’ll want to first understand a little bit about what marketing is before moving forward.

Get to know your consumer

Whether or not you plan to hire a marketing company to help you with your sales and campaigns, you’ll want to first get to know who exactly is your consumer and customer. This is very important as it is very rare for campaigns to work out in the end if the consumer is not understood. Questions to look into are: What kinds of jobs do they have and what are their income levels? How old is my average customer? Where do they live?

Target your message to a certain audience

When you have a campaign all ready and set to go, you need to understand which audience you want to send it to and target, before actually sending it out. This is true of campaigns that are online based and paper based. If you’re a store who sales kids clothing, you’ll want to target the parents, moms especially, via marketing avenues that they’re most likely to see. This can be in parenting magazines, Facebook ads or in the children’s section of the local newspaper. Again, hiring a marketing company to do this for you will most likely result in more mothers and parents finding your ad and thus giving you an increased amount of business that could turn into a longer store/customer relationship.

Time your message at the right time

This applies mostly to certain times of the year as there are months that generate more business than others, especially those that have a roundup of important holidays in them. The most common times to have a marketing campaign of any sort are during Christmas week, New Years week, the Fourth of July and Easter. These parts of the year are when customers are more likely to seek out stores, both online and within their town, that having current sales and campaigns.

Have the right offer for your customers

Having the right offer means knowing what will work and what won’t. For instance, if you are planning on doing a certain percentage off sale, make sure you have an understanding of first, what amount of percentage is worth it to your customers. Also, you might find that percentage off campaigns don’t fair as well as buy one get ones and others that are very similar.

Once you have a better understanding of what marketing is and how a marketing partnership with a marketing group can help grow your campaign and business, you’ll be able to move forward.