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A dirty office may seem like the least of your problems when you’re dealing with the daily issues of running a business. However, a clean workplace looks good and reduces stress for everyone in the office. Move cleaning up on your priority list and simplify the process by outlining a straightforward cleaning checklist.

Making a plan

Tidying up is crucial to a successful workplace, but basic cleaning tasks will always be overlooked unless there’s a clear plan in place. Host an employee meeting in which you explain the importance of a routine cleaning schedule. A clean office makes a positive impression on new employees, visitors from other companies and, of course, clients. Tidy environments have also been shown to alleviate anxiety and improve productivity. Once you’ve reviewed this information, post a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks in each room of the office. Encourage everyone to contribute to checking off items or ask them to sign up for specific chores.

Daily tasks

Lightly clean the bathroom and kitchen every day. Wipe down countertops, sinks and bathroom fixtures with a disposable cleaning cloth. Empty trash receptacles and change trash bags daily. Finally, use an antibacterial wipe to clean reception areas, keyboards and other surfaces that are likely to harbor germs.

Weekly tasks

At the end of every week, deep clean bathrooms and kitchens. You should also clean the floors, so use a HEPA-filter vacuum on carpets and a wet mop on wood or tile surfaces. Floors are excellent hosts for allergens such as pollen and dust, so even if they don’t look dirty, it’s important to clean them regularly. Of course, dust also accumulates on desks, bookshelves and end tables; wipe these pieces of furniture down with a dust-catching cloth once a week.

Monthly tasks

Once a month, go beyond dusting and apply a layer of furniture polish or wax to every desk, table and bookshelf in the office. Clean mirrors and any windows you can access. Clean each desk chair using the vacuum hose attachment. Finally, clear up the evidence of lunches past—give the microwave a thorough wipe down.

Quarterly tasks

Clean out the refrigerator four times a year. Ask your staff to take home any personal items and then throw out anything that’s unclaimed or expired. Use dish soap to wipe down the shelves and trays. Don’t forget to give the outside of the refrigerator a thorough cleaning as well. Spot clean carpets on a quarterly basis. Use a dry carpet cleaner and brush to remove any lingering stains. Finally, check your stock of cleaning supplies and replace items as needed.

Annual tasks

If your reception area contains any sort of upholstery, have it professionally cleaned once a year. Take down blinds or curtains and wash them thoroughly. Then, rent a basic steam cleaner and run it over all of your carpets. Finally, completely defrost the refrigerator; once the ice has melted, clean the fridge thoroughly with a mixture of bleach and water.

Keeping your workspace clean doesn’t have to be a source of stress and anxiety. A basic cleaning checklist, divided into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks, makes tidying your office simple and easy. Take an organized approach to cleaning in your office and, soon, you’ll be enjoying a spotless work area, making positive impressions on customers and helping your staff feel relaxed and productive.