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Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) transportation is needed when a new business is established, or when an already established business relocates to a new location. Many hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets use FF&E transportation services. The logistics services can include transportation, storage, and installation. Some logistics companies will also provide interior design services.

There are many services involved with FFE transportation:

  • Planning. Setting up a new business location requires careful planning. The same is true if a business decides to relocate. It is essential to work with a logistics company that can plan for each stage of the project. This may involve advice on how to dismantle, pack, and then store equipment and office furniture. Planning is necessary to make sure that equipment and furniture are transported and delivered exactly on schedule.
  • Warehouse and storage. If new equipment has been ordered, it will have to be stored at an appropriate warehouse. This means making sure that it is in a secure and appropriate environment. It also requires good inventory control, stock management, and logistics solutions. Many logistics companies will offer an online tracking system which allows the customer to know exactly where the inventory is and where it is at any time.
  • Transportation. This has to be done in a secure and safe manner. You will have invested a considerable amount of resources into having purchased your equipment, and you will want assurance that everything will arrive undamaged and ready for installation. If you require existing items be transported from one location to another, then you need a company who can dismantle, pack, transport, and then reassemble everything in an orderly fashion and within an acceptable time frame.
  • Installation. Many FF&E transportation companies employ a team of craftsmen and installation professionals. These tradesmen take care of setting up the equipment and furniture. If a logistics company doesn’t provide this service, then they may hire third party contractors.
  • Liquidation. Many times when companies move to new locations, there will be furniture, fixtures, and equipment that may no longer be needed. FFE transportation can also be arranged for the sale of these items to brokers. This means that you can use your assets in the best way possible.

There is already enough to think about if a business is setting up a new establishment, or moving locations. Therefore, it is essential to pick an FF&E transportation company who has the expertise to deliver on all the services you require.