Have an Insight about Social Engineering and the Presence of Company in Social Network

With the tremendous explosion in the newer communication platforms, the hackers are swiftly moving to capitalize in all ways possible. While twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other social media blogging sites/networking used to be the domain of ...


Defining a Game Marketing Strategy

Just because your game is a great one does not ensure it will be a success. There are many mobile gaming apps today that go largely ignored by users while other, sometimes infuriating, apps become instant trends. What are the factors that ...


We don’t need secure file transfer because… Four myths debunked

Resistance to change, a poor grasp of technology and the hopeful belief that “it’ll never happen to us” are just a few of the reasons businesses fail to ditch their antiquated file transfer systems for something a whole lot more secure. However, ...

Steve Jobs Resigns 2

The History of Apple in a Timeline

Apple is quite simply an incredible company, in fact it is more than a company but rather an evolutionary beast changed the world as we once knew it. If like us you are an avid follower of Apple and always want to know information or enjoy ...


SEO Tips for the small business

SEO is not something easy and each year it gets more and more complicated, since Google updates and makes changes in the rules. This is ok for the big companies who have special SEO editors that work for them and get salary for making sure that ...


8 Smart Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Websites

In the worlds of web design split testing is a very well known part. In the sphere of split testing direct marketing is more prevalent, as a part of the ad is tested against an alternative content. Even so, the lack of split testing is probably ...