Getting a Handle on Your Marketing

Having a new business is quite the undertaking and is often times viewed as a big adventure with lots of ups and downs as well as a few twists and turns. To make it even more adventurous, most business will have to complete some sort of ...


Roller Banners – Advantages of Buying Roller Banners Online

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s never been easier – or more complicated – than today. The choice of promotional media and tools is bewildering, making selection something of a brain teaser to make sure you get it right. On the ...


Finding the right exhibitions to promote your company

No matter what the size of your company, at some point if you want new sales, you may decide to hire a stall at an exhibition. Exhibitions can be a great way to promote your brand, and give you a truly captive audience from buying managers to ...


SMS vs Instant Messaging

Each day an estimated 20 billion SMS texts are sent globally, representing a vast amount of communication between individuals as well as businesses. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that a combination of the social network’s ...


Defining a Game Marketing Strategy

Just because your game is a great one does not ensure it will be a success. There are many mobile gaming apps today that go largely ignored by users while other, sometimes infuriating, apps become instant trends. What are the factors that ...


The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products That Worked, (And Some That Didn’t)

Promotional products serve a noble, albeit often underappreciated purpose in the commercial world. A pen, mug or keychain serves as a constant reminder to consumers of a company’s service and products. The variable lies in exactly what sort of ...


Five Aspects Handled By Design and Build Contractors London

Design and building contractors are professionals who mainly deal with the designing, and development of exhibition stands. However, what many of us do not know that they even have to deal with certain other aspects related to this job. For ...


Merchandising, a New Concept of Marketing

Merchandising is a very nice concept for a two way profitable investment for both the merchandiser and the merchandise small or cottage firms. Usually the merchandise department of any company opts for the smaller business group who has the man ...