If you are in the business of consultation, it is imperative to say that your clients must be looking up to you for all the correct decisions regarding their issues. You can hence opt for a serviced office in an off shore location instead of investing in the commercial space for setting up the office. I say this because there are many such international level boutique consulting firms that do such services and lead by an example.

When you want to establish a consulting firm, there are many aspects of the business that needs careful approach like scouting for a space, purchasing the same, operating and managing the business operations and also scaling up the office in a dedicated manner. Instead of doing all these tasks by self, you can always opt for an off shore place and run the establishment by a third party service provider.

There are many benefits of hiring a third party for taking care of the establishment of the business. For instance, you can be sure of quality service that is also flexible in terms of the rules and the regulations, all available at fixed monthly rates. The monthly payments also include the various maintenance and other related services like the property taxes, fit outs, furniture, security, infrastructure for the latest technology etc. All these aspects of a business when handled by a third party, becomes much cost effective and economical instead when you make an outright purchase of an office set up.

However hiring the best third party service provider for the establishment of a consulting firm can be a daunting task and that too pretty challenging unless you are absolutely sure of what you are looking for. Some of the most important factors that you must consider while looking for the establishment of a consulting firm through the third party includes the following points:

If you want your clients to treat you as an extremely experienced and a professional player in this domain, one of the most important things that must be taken care of is the location of your establishment. The location that you choose to operate your business from is hugely responsible for creating the very first impression of the client who walks into your office. In case the location of your set up is in a remote area which is difficult to access, you can be sure to lose out on a lot of business since not many prospective clients would show interest in meeting you. Thus being in a prominent location is very crucial for your business.

Apart from the location and the accessibility of your organization, you must also concentrate on the interior decorations of your office. When your office is decorated in a pleasant manner and is maintained well, it is needless to mention that the ambiance of work becomes very pleasant and professional. When your clients find professionalism in your office, they would show keen interest in doing business with you now and also in the long run.