37 8 Smart Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Websites

In the worlds of web design split testing is a very well known part. In the sphere of split testing direct marketing is more prevalent, as a part of the ad is tested against an alternative content. Even so, the lack of split testing is probably losing you money and a lot of it at that. An increase of 3000 percent in has been proves in some tests because of a different headline. Any one will be frustrated to know that the websites could give a higher return on investment. Luckily, the technology has given us the solution. The webmasters track the visitor’s behavior especially in terms of the conversations. This can be done even without a degree in statistical analysis. It is very important to be devoted towards improving the conversation rates of the website. If you are not doing so then you are missing a key aspect of maintaining a website which is successful and profitable. The importance of the conversation rates is understood by a few only. This is one of the reasons that many people are still struggling to see their websites with increased traffic by moving to the top on the Google search.

Leave it Simple: If the process is easy for the customers or your visitors to navigate the file that will make your website go up. The simple the thing is loved by everyone as it becomes easy to navigate. If your services are provided on the homepage then it makes easy for the buyers to add their shopping products to their cart. An auto responder is must to set up to guide the customer the next step of the sales process.

Displayed Value Proposition:  The first thing which a visitor thinks when he enters your homepage is why they should buy a product from you. Try to add the customer service number and the services on the homepage. So the at whatever the problem is to the customer they will get services from you. Never let your customers search for the services.

Testimonials and customers reviews should be added: Whatever the business is of a customer, nay owner will want to make its visitors that they have faith in you. So by adding the testimonials and customer reviews your visitors will definitely have faith in you with lots of good comments and less of problems.

Assurances can be added: The questions of the visitors should be answered before they ask them. So you will have to predict the questions of your visitors. Giving an example if you want your customer to fill a form, let them know the information they are sharing is private and confidential so that they feel secure shopping with you.

Use Strong Calls to Action: Multiple calls should be made to visit the different stages in the sales cycle. Put graphic buttons which will make the visitors work easy and make your website eye-catchy.

To finish it up with a few more words, one can adopt these guidelines to avoid the common mistakes which play a big role in killing the rates of the website conversations.

About Author: Garima Mehta is a professional online marketing adviser at EbrandZ.com,one of the leading SEO Company India with a happy client portfolio of over 400+ client related to the field of travel, hotel, internet marketing and many other sectors.