5 Best Eco Friendly Businesses to Start in 2013 5 Best Eco Friendly Businesses to Start in 2013Going green has become a trend in the business world. While going green benefits the economy, if you are entrepreneurial minded, this effort can also benefit you. Are you looking for an effective way to put your skills to work? Do you want to start your own eco-friendly business that caters to either businesses or consumers? If you answered yes, here are 5 of the best eco-friendly businesses that you may be interested in starting in 2013.

1. Eco-friendly Gardening

People take pride in their homes and their commercial buildings. If you want to cater to a large audience looking for gardeners and lawn maintenance companies that do not use dangerous chemicals and pesticides, you may want to consider using your green thumb to turn yourself a profit. An eco-friendly gardening service requires little start-up and can be started on a small scale and then expanded quickly.

2. A Green Construction Company

Are you an experienced contractor or builder? While the construction industry is not necessarily thriving as a whole, there is a growing demand for green construction services. Companies in this sector of the industry use green building materials and techniques to build sustainable and efficient properties. With the proper licensing, education, and experience, this may be a great opportunity.

3. Eco-Friendly Housekeeping

You do not have to be a licensed contractor to start your own business. If your expertise involves cleaning the home, you can turn a profit by starting your very own eco-friendly housekeeping company. A green housekeeping company uses all-natural cleaning products to reduce the environmental impact of maintaining a home. With a business license, insurance, and supplies, you can easily start marketing and build your client base.

4. Business Assessment Services

While many business expenses are fixed, some of these costs are variable. Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their operational costs where they can. If you are a great adviser, why not start a business where you can advise business managers on how they can cut energy costs down, reduce consumption, and become more environmentally conscious?

5. Lighting Installation

There is a growing demand for more efficient lighting systems in residential properties and commercial buildings. Not only do people want to convert their lighting fixtures, the government is also offering incentives for consumers that do this. If you are a contractor and you are experienced with lighting installation, why not specialize in the installation of efficient lighting systems?

Green industries continue to flourish. If you are starting a small business in 2013, catering to this sector of your industry is sure to payoff in the short run and the long run.

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