From the warehouse, through the shipping carrier, to the store shelves and the hands of the customers, it’s the packaging that protects your products from all possible damage. However, in this competitive world, robust packaging isn’t ample! Today’s consumers demand for smart packaging solutions. Smart packaging doesn’t just help your products to stand out on the shelf, but helps it gain a higher exposure and demand in the market.

However, the million dollar question is, how can you design a smart packaging container for your products? Below are the top 10 ways to create a smart packaging solution for your brand:

1.        What Others Are Doing

Keep an eye on the market and see what packaging trends your competitors are following. Of course, I am not advising you to duplicate their packaging containers. However, this approach will help you know what others are accepting in the context of packaging containers.

2.        Determine The Shape

A unique shape of a packaging container will definitely turn out to be a great asset for your brand, especially if you’re in the beauty and specialty products field. At the same time, it will also add considerable time. Don’t overdo it in the creativity department, else the packaging containers won’t stack properly on the shelves of the store.

3.        Make it Easier For the Consumers

In addition to the look and feel, smart packaging solutions focus on the usability aspect of the containers. Design a container that can be easily opened, especially if you belong to the food and beverage industry. Think like the consumer who will be using your products, and how you can make it easier for them to handle your product.

4.        Go Off-the-beaten Path

Break the traditions in the packaging world and do something innovative, creative and interesting. Creativity isn’t confined to the design and style of the packaging containers, but can also be applied to the packaging material.

5.        Personalization is a Must!

This is a golden rule to breakthrough in the market. Something that looks like hand-written or applied will distinguish your packaging from others.

6.        Design For Sustainability

Sustainable, environment-friendly materials get higher attention and respect from the consumers. The packaging designers have already started factoring it into their designs. Thus, corrugated cardboard packaging containers or boxes for shipping have become the first choice of the packaging companies.

7.        Play With Colors

Spot colors bring more value for your packaging cartons. You may also use pantone colors to add an extra splash of creativity.

8.        Font Type is Crucial

Is the text on your packaging container or the packaging label easily readable? If you are using free fonts, choose the appropriate size and style when applying them. And if you’re not short on your budget, you can shop for high quality fonts; it’s worth the investment.

9.        A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Yes, this holds true for the packaging world as well. Use top-quality, relevant and attractive images on packaging products, it will entice the consumers to buy your products.

10.    A Final Touch…

Work with professional packaging designers to give a final touch to your packaging products. A real wax seal looks nice, but a single-colored letterpress seal gives a touch of luxury. You can also try embossing using a digital printer. A special touch in packaging can play a crucial role in your business marketing campaign.

About Author: Simon Hopes is a professional content writer. She advocates for corrugated cardboard packaging materials for a number of industries like consumer products, electronics equipment, industrial products, etc.