Balancing Accounting and Payroll Tasks in Your Business

Accounting isn’t the most glamorous of professions; in fact, is has a rather boring and staid image on the whole, but as a business owner, your accountants will provide you with essential financial data in terms of cash flow forecasts, balance ...


Finding the right exhibitions to promote your company

No matter what the size of your company, at some point if you want new sales, you may decide to hire a stall at an exhibition. Exhibitions can be a great way to promote your brand, and give you a truly captive audience from buying managers to ...


Managed Print Services – So Much More Than Photocopiers

While the term managed print services is fairly broad in its overall definition, it can be narrowed down by focusing on its purpose. By using managed print services, businesses gain control of their printing and use printing in a more efficient ...


Support your business’s growth with IT managed services – What are the benefits?

Most often, it becomes difficult for the medium and small scale businesses to run their business and also handle all IT issues on their own. The business owners are so very busy with the plethora of jobs at hand that they just can’t keep up with ...


Business tips for targeting foreign markets

A number of UK based companies are now trying to take the full advantage of today’s fast paced world as well as technology developments and globalisation by expanding their trading abroad into foreign markets. This, however, is much easier said ...


The Advantages of Office Fruit

Having fruit in your workplace as part of an office wellness programme can have fantastic results when it comes to boosting productivity and employee engagement. Employees are at their best when they feel appreciated and valued, and by putting ...

CFD-Trading (1)

Trading CFDs? Avoid committing these mistakes

What are the most common reasons why traders end up committing mistakes? Let us tell you, just as success in forex is influenced by a combination of factors, mistakes are also governed by not one but a number of factors taken together. Failure ...

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Financial Strategies Used in M&A Situations

The goal of any business is inevitably to make a profit. This can only be achieved if there is both vertical and horizontal growth. Naturally, organic growth is also desirable. However, organic growth, which means that the company develops from ...


Generational Equity Announces Acquisition of Spectrum Technologies by Transcat, Inc.

Dallas, Feb 1, 2016/PRNewswire/- Generational Equity, a leading middle-market M &A advisory firm in North America, has announced the acquisition of Spectrum Technologies, Inc, headquartered in Pennsylvania, by Transcat. Inc, New York. The ...


Call Answering Services for Your Business

As your business expands, you’ll start taking more and more enquiries. This increase in inbound call volume is not incremental, but exponential, as your clients will be talking about the benefits of your business to all their friends. Imagine ...