Accident at Work Claims – 4 Things You should do if You Suffer an Accident at Work

In spite of the abundance of health and safety legislation in place in the UK, millions of workers are affected by workplace illnesses, and hundreds of thousands suffer accidents in the workplace each year. Accidents in the workplace range from ...


The Importance of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Health and safety in the construction industry is of vital importance and its implementation can be the difference between life and death. Covering a vast range of work-related issues, its relevance should not be underestimated.   Keeping ...


Create an office cleaning schedule

A dirty office may seem like the least of your problems when you’re dealing with the daily issues of running a business. However, a clean workplace looks good and reduces stress for everyone in the office. Move cleaning up on your priority ...


The uses of storage containers

Storage containers are now more versatile than ever. Whilst many people may still associate them with storage alone, the fact is that they can be modified for a variety of purposes. From office space to living quarters, the possibilities are ...


Accessorise Your Home with That Classic Vintage Feel

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