The Advantages and Disadvantages of Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring or invoice finance is an effective way for businesses to raise money against their unpaid invoices, revitalising cashflow and enabling the business to grow and develop with minimal risk. Invoice factoring and discounting ...


Roller Banners – Advantages of Buying Roller Banners Online

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s never been easier – or more complicated – than today. The choice of promotional media and tools is bewildering, making selection something of a brain teaser to make sure you get it right. On the ...


How to Ensure Negotiation Success

Negotiation is a priceless skill in business. It’s one that can open new doors and help companies grow. Negotiation is a discussion between two or more people to reach a solution that’s in everyone’s interest and the art of negotiation can be ...


How Online Payment Options Help the Bottom Line

If you have a business with a website and you don’t have a way for customers to pay for your goods or services online, you are leaving some of that hard earned cash on the table for others to pick up. Don’t think that not having online payment ...


Accident at Work Claims – 4 Things You should do if You Suffer an Accident at Work

In spite of the abundance of health and safety legislation in place in the UK, millions of workers are affected by workplace illnesses, and hundreds of thousands suffer accidents in the workplace each year. Accidents in the workplace range from ...


Balancing Accounting and Payroll Tasks in Your Business

Accounting isn’t the most glamorous of professions; in fact, is has a rather boring and staid image on the whole, but as a business owner, your accountants will provide you with essential financial data in terms of cash flow forecasts, balance ...


Internet Security Tips

With access to the internet and all its wonderful resources becoming ever more common and taken even for granted, there are still dangers, annoyances and serious threats that can be regularly encountered. Thankfully with the use of helpful ...


5 Reasons to Treat Your Clients to Henley Regatta Hospitality

Pulling out all the stops to impress your clients and help foment better, more trusting relationships, is something all businesses should be doing if they’re looking to stabilize and encourage future growth. Hospitality events are just one of ...


Finding the right exhibitions to promote your company

No matter what the size of your company, at some point if you want new sales, you may decide to hire a stall at an exhibition. Exhibitions can be a great way to promote your brand, and give you a truly captive audience from buying managers to ...


SMS vs Instant Messaging

Each day an estimated 20 billion SMS texts are sent globally, representing a vast amount of communication between individuals as well as businesses. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that a combination of the social network’s ...