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The History of Apple in a Timeline

Apple is quite simply an incredible company, in fact it is more than a company but rather an evolutionary beast changed the world as we once knew it. If like us you are an avid follower of Apple and always want to know information or enjoy reading how it started and evolved into what it is today then you will love what Tactus have done. Tactus have created an Apple Timeline dating back to the ‘70s with every notable highlight that Apple has gone through.

When scrolling down the timeline it was fascinating to see the different stages of Apple and find out things I never knew about. I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving too much away as it is better scrolling down yourself but I do have to ask; did you know that Steve Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985!? That is something we did not know which is why this timeline is good, you could write a whole e-book based on this timeline!

Steve%20Jobs%20Resigns%202 The History of Apple in a Timeline
Looking back on Apple and the first product release it is hard to imagine how the technology has developed from that very first Apple computer into what it is today. Today there are multiple Apple products that are out on the market, all of which are bestsellers and still leading the way in technology and innovation. I wonder whether back in the ‘70s Steve Jobs knew how Apple was going to develop and how successful it was to become.

The timeline doesn’t just highlight computer releases amongst other technology, but it also highlights the change in management, the rise in employment numbers and acquisitions Apple have done throughout the years.

We cannot write a blog about Apple without mentioning Steve Jobs as he is quite simply a legend to all us tech fans which is why it is good to see someone take the time and delve into Apple’s history to let others learn of their rise to success. The great news is that it is not just the history we can learn from with this timeline as Tactus will be updating it as time goes on so we will never miss any Apple news again. I don’t know about you but this is one web page I am most definitely bookmarking!

I know what my favourite highlight is on this Apple timeline but what’s yours? Let me know by adding your comments below.


Lessons from the Obama campaign’s email marketing for your small business

Barack Obama tweeting on May 24%2C 2012 in response to hashtagged questions Lessons from the Obama campaigns email marketing for your small business

What do you get when a relatively unknown politician seeks national office? Barack Obama in 2007. To earn national support, Obama needed a strategy that drew attention, curried followers and increased donations. With insight into the culture and a fully functioning social media platform, the now-president shattered fundraising records and taught small business owners important email marketing lessons.

The strategy

Thomas Jefferson used newspapers. F.D.R. used radio. J.F.K. used television. Howard Dean used the Web. Enter Barack Obama. His team broke new ground with innovative digital campaigning. He built a successful brand by utilizing email marketing, texts and social networks. Through his aggressive 2008 campaign, Obama gathered 13 million email addresses and sent more than one billion emails. The 2008 campaign was considered an unmitigated success.

The complaints

Fast-forward four years. Again, Obama and his team use social media and online tools to market their campaign. Several strategies receive less than stellar feedback, though:

1. Ambiguous email subject lines looked like spam. While “Hey” converted into the most donations, critics complained about the cryptic message header. Spam blockers considered the messages illegitimate as well.

2. Supporters felt betrayed in particular by an email asking them to sign a card and wish Michelle Obama a Happy Mother’s Day. Supporters clicked on the card and landed on a page that asked for their email address and served as an opt-in page. Furthermore, the email went on to ask for a donation. Supporters expected donation and opt-in requests, but they did not appreciate the email that did not specify its intentions up front.

3. Unfriendly mobile messages perturbed supporters. As many emails included heavy graphics, mobile users found them too bulky to open and thus rendered the messages unsuccessful.

Your turn

Your small business may never match the national spectrum of Obama’s campaign, but you can be successful in your niche as you utilize similar techniques. Avoid making the mistakes his campaign made and add these positive tactics:

1. Personalize your landing page. Your emails should address each supporter by name. When possible, include broad information like “Calling all moms.” The personalization gives your company an element of humanity and improves your likeability.

2. Entice curiosity while avoiding spam in your subject line. Your readers might not appreciate “Hey” as the subject line, but you’ll attract attention with a short and sweet header that makes readers eager to learn more.

3. Perform split tests in your quest for conversions. The Obama team tested up to 18 versions of the message’s subject line and body before sending a final draft. You may not have time to perform such rigorous testing, but at least split test two versions of each email.

4. Draw attention to the opt-in button. Use arrows or a different color scheme to grab visitors’ attention. Force readers to gaze at your opt-in button and watch your email list grow.

5. Follow up the smart way. Obama’s follow-up pages thanked subscribers and encouraged them to donate or otherwise support his campaign. You too can include a soft sell call to action when you invite subscribers to check out your homepage, visit your booth at a local trade show or check out your page of specials.

6. Watch quantity. Even your most loyal customers don’t want a dozen emails each day or even every month. Poll your readers or track their interactions with your messages until you find a frequency that works for your business.

Your small business thrives with email marketing techniques learned from President Obama. While increasing your subscription list, give your readers content they’ll read in every message you send.


A guide to establishing a boutique consulting firm

If you are in the business of consultation, it is imperative to say that your clients must be looking up to you for all the correct decisions regarding their issues. You can hence opt for a serviced office in an off shore location instead of investing in the commercial space for setting up the office. I say this because there are many such international level boutique consulting firms that do such services and lead by an example.

When you want to establish a consulting firm, there are many aspects of the business that needs careful approach like scouting for a space, purchasing the same, operating and managing the business operations and also scaling up the office in a dedicated manner. Instead of doing all these tasks by self, you can always opt for an off shore place and run the establishment by a third party service provider.

There are many benefits of hiring a third party for taking care of the establishment of the business. For instance, you can be sure of quality service that is also flexible in terms of the rules and the regulations, all available at fixed monthly rates. The monthly payments also include the various maintenance and other related services like the property taxes, fit outs, furniture, security, infrastructure for the latest technology etc. All these aspects of a business when handled by a third party, becomes much cost effective and economical instead when you make an outright purchase of an office set up.

However hiring the best third party service provider for the establishment of a consulting firm can be a daunting task and that too pretty challenging unless you are absolutely sure of what you are looking for. Some of the most important factors that you must consider while looking for the establishment of a consulting firm through the third party includes the following points:

If you want your clients to treat you as an extremely experienced and a professional player in this domain, one of the most important things that must be taken care of is the location of your establishment. The location that you choose to operate your business from is hugely responsible for creating the very first impression of the client who walks into your office. In case the location of your set up is in a remote area which is difficult to access, you can be sure to lose out on a lot of business since not many prospective clients would show interest in meeting you. Thus being in a prominent location is very crucial for your business.

Apart from the location and the accessibility of your organization, you must also concentrate on the interior decorations of your office. When your office is decorated in a pleasant manner and is maintained well, it is needless to mention that the ambiance of work becomes very pleasant and professional. When your clients find professionalism in your office, they would show keen interest in doing business with you now and also in the long run.


Promo Items: Getting the Right Ones for Your Business

In business, branding is all it takes to divert the traffic from your competitors to yourself. Your products and their unique features are the magic wand that can propel your business into a successful enterprise but that’s not all, these products need awareness so that the prospective clients can develop interest in them. Building of relationships that are hinged on the future is also an attribute that plays a key role in business growth and success. Business promotional items are an avenue which connects both the current and future clients and strengthens the relational fabric that underlies these associations. The impact that these promo items generate is profound and long lasting to both the clients and the business associates in addition to enhancing goodwill. It has been quite a common practice seeing firms give corporate giveaways to its stakeholders as a away of recognizing their contribution and efforts made towards the growth of the business. They are also a call to action requiring future efforts and dedication on the side of these stakeholders. There are some techniques that are involved in choosing the right promo items for your business; below are some of them

Employ Intuition And Research In Your Promo Items Choicespromotional products newyork 300x182 Promo Items: Getting the Right Ones for Your Business

It has to be appreciated that choosing the right promo item is not always a rule of the thumb; it calls upon creativity and dedication to get a right one. The gift could either be a flashy one or one made for the high end market but as long as it fulfills that marketing objective; that can be a perfect fit. Quality, sophistication and simplicity should be entwined in the promo item attributes. In the selection of these items, make sure you do a thorough research on the web as there are many sites that feature business promo items. Find a way of measuring the effectiveness of the gifts that you choose and ensure they have the right impact.

Choose A Gift That Rubberstamps Your Corporate Image

One of the techniques that have proved to be valuable in the selection of promo items is that which works towards enhancing your corporate image. As earlier put, branding is very important and the promo items selected should send a clear message towards the same direction of corporate uniqueness. Let the promo item remind the recipients of how unique your company stands in terms of its services and products.

Be Cost Effective

Inasmuch as you may want to please and make your stakeholders happy, you don’t have to break the bank to do that. Avoid incurring huge expenses in the acquisition of promo items. It just takes creativity and good research to come out with a very brilliant promo idea. Remember expensive items could also send a message of extravagance and wastefulness when it comes to the management of the company resources. This will in effect erode all the gains the promo campaign is intended to achieve. Let the packaging, colors and the item selected portray the humility of purpose that your business stands for instead of the expensive luster that it is not. On the contrary, dishing out cheap items can also have a negative impact too. There is an image and reputation to be protected and maintained.

Gauge the Recipient’s Tastes and Preferences

The effectiveness of promo items are measured from the stand point of the recipient and not the giver of the item. It is thus imperative that their tastes and preferences are well taken care of. Avoid giving promo items that only target a few of the recipients while the rest are left out. Let your items be all encompassing; giving value to all. Although it may be difficult to take care of each and every taste of the recipients, a gift item which serves general needs can be appropriate. A calendar, a mug or a t-shirt for instance have general features that almost all the recipients like and find useful. You can also consider segmenting the promo items to fit into the different needs and tastes of your recipient groups. Employees for instance could be given different items from the customers or the business associates.

Business promo items are therefore a perfect way of enhancing the brand image of your business establishment while at the same item generating interest and making your stakeholders aware of your products and their unique features. They help in the building of long-term relationships while boosting the morale of the recipients’ a move which could impact positively on customer loyalty.

Author bio:

Brand image of your business is very important to move your business forward. The author of this article Ashley Williamson has stamped her authority in business advisory services. She is from USA and has been writing about business and many New York promotional products.


Evolving Roles of Internal Auditors in a New Economic Environment

Economic Environment 300x225 Evolving Roles of Internal Auditors in a New Economic EnvironmentToday’s organisations are facing the heat of global economic crisis. The management, leaders and board of directors over the organisations are adopting fresh approaches at virtually all aspects of businesses. Their primary aim is to increase productivity, improve processes and systems at the same time staying in control. The role of internal auditor has also evolved considerably over the years in response to the changes in businesses. The internal audit professionals have to comprehend business challenges and an organisation’s main objective. They ensure that the organisation’s control system are effectively addressing those changes and managing the emerging risks.

While the internal auditors are still responsible to provide an independent assurance; recent trend is that they have to work more closely with business and deal with matters that have greater impact on the company. Now, the internal audit has a more critical role in business. It actually helps companies to deal with the changes. The internal auditors identify, monitor and manage risks that emerge with every new business process, initiatives and procedures. They make use of specialised data analysis techniques in audit, detect frauds and supervise compliance areas.

Technological dependence

Increasing use of technology especially for audit analytics, continuous monitoring, auditing and fraud detection are among the top priorities for modern day auditors. They believe that management of risks and effective control of the systems are necessary for performing businesses. In many departments, the unplanned testing of transactions is replaced by scheduled automated testing routine. This has increased effectiveness and efficiency of the audit process. It is possible to timely identify the frauds and errors and overcome them.

Once a business has identified the importance of analytic technology and understood the benefits of continuous auditing, to reap those benefits it will like to adopt techniques, continuously monitor transactions and control systems. These considerable changes have created enormous demand for internal audit professionals. It is definitely a good time for those seeking a career in internal audit or in quest of further career advancement in this profession. The modern auditors have to build stronger understanding of risk management and effective internal control.

The basic functions of internal auditors can be divided in following ways:

Managing risks

This is the major responsibility of internal auditors at present. They have to work with management to assess strategic risks. Every companies witness undesirable situations and outcomes, moreover there are significant risks in implementing new technologies and processes. Those companies will emerge successfully that can control its risks and take adequate advantages of the opportunities. It is the job of the auditors to closely study the company, industry and market as a whole to identify risks and opportunities.

Reporting the operations

Internal auditors on the basis of their research know how the companies can be operated efficiently and effectively. Equipped with the overall view of the company’s processes, an auditor can make suggestions regarding unnecessary duplication of work and responsibilities. They can also refer to needlessly difficult processes. The internal auditors assist an organisation or business to perform in a better way.

Detecting frauds, errors and non-compliance

Companies always expect that their employees will neither be involved in any kinds of frauds nor will be unprofessional. However, internal audit investigations can discover such behaviours. Even it is not unnatural the employees commit errors or there are some non-compliance issues.

An auditor can detect such malpractices before it becomes a threat to the company. The use of audit analytic technology has enabled to evaluate complete financial transactions that provide further insights into frauds, non-compliance and errors. Based on their investigations, the problem can be rooted out from the company.

Ensuring that the controls are in place

The companies have to ensure that the business controls are in place. An internal auditor determines whether a control is suitable or not. They recommend if the control is too strict or too loose.

Those aspiring for an internal auditing career have to concentrate on shaping up an all-round career. Although those with a degree in finance, economics, auditing and business administration can step into this profession; top companies will look for candidates with business acumen, knowledge of IT and strong communication abilities. Compliance is another major area of concern for these new age businesses. Therefore, those with knowledge in this compliance area are in a better position in this job market.

The role of an internal auditor is complex and challenging. Hence, most of the time companies prefer candidates with relevant experience. It will work in your favour, if you manage an internship in the same area while you are studying.

Mark Jonathon is a recruitment consultant. He is also a freelance writer who writes on topics like risk management jobs, auditing jobs, compliance jobs and so on. While writing on these topics he takes inspiration from the website of Barclay Simpson Singapore. 

An Overview of Cattle Trade

Are you willing to enter the business of cattle buying or selling? If yes, then you need to be aware of certain factors. Ranging from the different cattle classes to the fluctuating cattle prices, you should have knowledge of all. In this way, you can earn good money through cattle transaction. Here is a lowdown on important aspects about cattle trade. Take a look.

First, you need to learn about the cattle classes. This is the basic step to enter into the world of cattle buying and selling. You should be aware about the different classes of cattle along with their sex type. This knowledge will help you in buying and selling the cattle at different prices. For instance, if you have a cow along a calf and a pregnant heifer, then the price of the heifer will be more than the cow. Moreover, there is difference in the cattle prices during the different seasons. For instance, if it is the herd-building phase, then you can sell the feedlot cattle at a higher price. The cattle that graze on the open field will be sold at a low cost at this time

The golden rule of cattle market is to deal in the current prices. Be it buying or selling – both should not get affected by the future predictions. Remember that future predictions regarding cattle prices can go wrong. It is best that you do transaction based on the prevailing market rate.

If you want to get the best deals in the cattle market, then simply follow this technique – buy the low priced cattle and sell the high priced cattle. This is an interesting method to get the optimum gain out of the cattle deals. You can get benefit out of the current market scenario through this tactic.

Understand the production cost of the feedlot. Add up the total expenses incurred on the feedlot. In this way, you can identify the selling price of the feedlot in the market. Try to sell the feedlot in a time when the market rate is more the cost of production. This will give you maximum profit on feedlot selling.

It is highly important that you understand how the cattle market works. Remember that this market is greatly volatile. Changes and fluctuations can happen in a quick span. To get the best out of the market opportunities, learn about the management intensive program. This program has guidance on cattle weighing and their classification.

Moreover, make sure that there is consistent flow of cash. You need to have a strong financial saving to tackle any market fluctuation.

If you are looking for buying or selling cattle, then look into the local newspapers. There you will get advertisements on cattle auction.

Do not buy cattle that are sick or unhealthy. If you do not have the adequate knowledge about the cattle, take a vet along with you. The doctor can check the cattle and inform you about the health. Thus, this will helps you to buy healthy cattle in auctions.


Why Business Cards Still Matter In The Digital Age


image BusinessCard Why Business Cards Still Matter In The Digital AgeIn this digital age of ours, it would be very easy to say that business cards are on their way out, with smartphones likely to render them obsolete. With the social network LinkedIn now one of the most popular ways for business people to stay in touch, the case for the end of the business card may be even stronger.

However, a person’s web address can easily be misheard or incorrectly noted down, and there is still something to be said for holding a tangible reminder of another person in your possession.

As such, here are some of the main reasons why we believe the humble business card still has a role to play.

In this digital age of ours, it would be very easy to say that business cards are on their way out, with smartphones likely to render them obsolete. With the social network LinkedIn now one of the most popular ways for business people to stay in touch, the case for the end of the business card may be even stronger.

However, a person’s web address can easily be misheard or incorrectly noted down, and there is still something to be said for holding a tangible reminder of another person in your possession.

As such, here are some of the main reasons why we believe the humble business card still has a role to play.

Contacts expect business cards

If you meet someone at a conference or similar and say you don’t have a business card but you will email them your contact details, the likelihood is your message will be lost in the deluge of messages they get every day, meaning that great first impression you made has been wasted.

By carrying a few business cards with you, your chances of making contact again in the future are greatly improved, and it could be the key to making the big deal or progressing your business.

Showcase your creativity

From chocolate bars to stress balls, business cards are no longer just a small rectangular piece of cardboard. Showing that you put such a great level of creativity into even something small like a business card demonstrates to the receiver that you are a creative soul with a keen attention to detail, and you are somebody that they should be looking to work with.

The other added benefit of a creative business card is that it will stand out from the many other cards business people receive every day. If you just present someone with a plain white card containing your name, phone number and email address printed in 12pt Arial, the chances are it will be forgotten in favour of more sophisticated offerings.

Consider a perforated card – human beings have a natural affinity towards tactile objects, so if the receiver likes to roll your card around in their hand, they are more likely to remember you too. Maybe even consider a wooden or embossed card to really stand out from the pack.


Implementing an Online CRM Solution Successfully Requires Planning

Companies are always in a hurry to implement an online CRM solution in their whole organization at the same time. This is because they are eager to savor the anticipated returns of implementing such a system. While it is true that these returns are good and worth looking forward to, what many companies do not realize is that the implementation of such a system will bring a significant change to their organizations. This is why it is a wise move to implement such a system in stages.

Like any other project, the time you take to prepare for it determines the success rate of your project. The more time you take to prepare, the higher your chances of success. The same principle applies to implementing an CRM online solution in your organization. The more you prepare for the actual implementation of the project the higher the chances that it will be a success and beneficial to your company. If the project is successful, it will not only be beneficial to your sales team and marketing department but to your entire organization including the technical department.

What do you wish to achieve with your CRM solution 

The process of implementing an online CRM solution in your organization is best started by clearly establishing the goals you wish to attain by implementing CRM. How will the CRM solution be helpful to the individuals who will be using it on a daily basis? Does it make their work easier, and if it does, to what extent? Your goal might be to reduce the time it takes for a sale to go through. If it normally takes 2 months, you can aim to do it in 2 weeks.

Remember you must set measurable goals. This is the only way you will be able to tell whether the implementation of the CRM solution in your organization was a success or not. Once you have established clear measurable goals, then you need to create a clear path for achieving these goals. This is a big project and you will need to be on top of things at all times. Start by identifying project managers who will be in charge of discussing strategy, monitoring the progress and solving any problems that might arise.

Launch a test project first 

The key to implementing a successful online CRM solution is starting with a pilot program. This is a small program to be tested by a small group of employees in your organization. Make sure the group is comprised of people eager to try out technology. These people will learn quickly how to use the program tools effectively. Your project managers will need to maintain contact with this group and offer support when needed.

The people in this test group will be the ones showing the other people in your organization how to use the program. A good enthusiastic test group will sell the idea of the CRM solution to many people in your organization while at the same time using the technology to support your company’s CRM efforts. Planning and implementing a good pilot program will pave the way for a successful implementation of the program in the whole organization. This will lead to a return on investment on the online CRM solution faster than if you had rolled out without testing first.


The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products That Worked, (And Some That Didn’t)

The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products Ever That Worked The Top 5 Strangest Promotional Products That Worked, (And Some That Didnt)Promotional products serve a noble, albeit often underappreciated purpose in the commercial world. A pen, mug or keychain serves as a constant reminder to consumers of a company’s service and products. The variable lies in exactly what sort of reminder the promotional product triggers. Most company’s stick with safe neutral things like the aforementioned pens and mugs, but on occasion someone thinks way outside the box, often with mixed results. Below is a collection of the top five strangest and sometimes successful ideas for promotional products.

1. A Texas meat company distributes plush cows that are dissectible.

This idea can be filed under good initiative, bad judgment. The pint size plush cows we made of several “cuts”, that when assembled with Velcro formed a cuddly cow. The cuts were even labeled for quick handy reference. While it certainly did promote brand awareness, parents and children both were less than thrilled.

2. A New York courier service hands out flipbooks in the street.

This was an odd concept for promotional advertising that yielded an amazing response. One of the companies employees hand drew small flipbook depicting a courier navigating the busy streets of New York to deliver a package in time. The overhead in printing booklets was extremely low, allowing the company to hand out thousands to passersby.

3. A Sponge Bob Square Pants musical thermometer.

This has garnered a lot of attention, but deserves further mention just because it’s so bizarre. Mind you this thermometer is designed to be used elsewhere than under the tongue. The whole while it’s reading the users temperature it plays the theme song to Sponge Bob Square Pants. This one of those situations that begs the question of how exactly this was supposed to be positive brand association.

4. A pharmaceutical company has its reps give out rubber bugs.

This was another one of those odd ideas that had amazing results. Rather than give out the usual note pads and pens, the sales reps handed out rubber bugs with the company’s’ name printed on them. While bugs have absolutely nothing to do with pharmaceutical sales, everyone kept them on their desks and had a constant reminder of the sales rep.

5. A lawn service company in Colorado hands out bacon on the street.

Not surprisingly this promotion was massive success. Four local college students had formed their own company needed to garner attention; so what better way than to fry bacon on a portable griddle on the sidewalk to hand out. Pedestrians were treated to a few strips of fresh cooked bacon and flyer. Quite possibly the most innovate and delicious promotion ever conceived.

A promotional product is a fantastic and inexpensive way to promote a company. It can solidify brand integrity, promote awareness and provide social marketing. Uniqueness usually helps distinguish a brand from the competition, but in the realm of promotional products that uniqueness can bring the wrong type of recognition.

Top 8 jurisdictions for your new offshore company to reside in

One of the most pivotal parts to setting up an offshore company is your location. A location can be the making and the ending of your offshore incorporation as it determines the various benefits you receive for your new company. This will highlight ten jurisdictions that are regularly used by companies to benefit from lowered taxes and privacy.


Bahamas is a wonderful place and this holds true for companies who want to reside here too. Offshore companies that reside here are exempt from tax and have no obligation to file annual returns or audited statements. A company resided in the Bahamas can benefit from trade anywhere on the globe. One last benefit is that the company director does not have to be located within the country.


The Belize is very renowned for its ease and speed of registration. The country is English speaking and boasts low annual fees. Again this location is tax free and there is no need to annual returns and audited statements.


Cyprus is a very popular choice for people to locate their offshore companies, especially for the Russians. This is due to their taxation avoidance treaty agreed between Cyprus and Russia, making it a very popular area to settle. Due to the fact that Cyprus is part of the European Union, it means it is not regarded as an “offshore vehicle”. It is simply regarded as a very low tax jurisdiction.


The beauty to this tax haven is that it only requires one person to incorporate it and requires no annual meetings. Again this is an ideal place for an offshore company and requires no file for returns or tax audit.


The country of Malta is boasting numerous tax treaties as well as the inevitable advantages to being a member of the EU. Malta has a particularly clean reputation and it is not associated an “offshore vehicle”, the location of Malta is merely a low tax area.


This offshore haven is very well established and denominated in US dollars. This area offers various offshore vehicles and directly benefits from the Panama foundation. This area is both tax free and extremely efficient for an offshore company start up.



One of the most popular choices for an offshore company to settle, any company that opts to reside in this location enjoys generous tax cuts and privacy.

British Virgin Islands

The BVI is again a very popular option people within Russia. However, the BVI is more geared towards the more established trading companies and this is due to lack of public registers. The BVI is an inexpensive offshore company solution. Finally, there is no obligation to report annual returns or statements.

Eight jurisdictions have been highlighted for you to explore when you plan to settle your company offshore. Settling a company offshore is a simple process especially when you choose to incorporate via a company formation agent. When choosing to take this avenue it is always advised to research the service provider and look into their background to see if they are a trustable and reliable service.

Offshore Formations 247 wrote this article. We provide an offshore company formation for companies who want to set up abroad. For more information on this please see our link.